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Fife Riders Awareness Session 

OFF HORSE  - with gym balls


Wednesday February 1st 7pm  

Millbridge Hall,

Old Causeway,

Kinross KY13 8DW 


Many of us riders spend valuable time, money and resources to ensure they are well looked after, often seeking out physios etc to ensure they are feeling well, supple and preforming well as an athlete. However, sadly very few of us apply that to ourselves yet we are 50% of that partnership no?

How many of you stop to then think how do our own physical limitations stop your horse from moving as well as he could?


Is it really all his doing or are we sitting slightly off centre and so he is compensating in order to stay balanced himself.

Think about this then:-

  • How do imagine it feels when you give someone a piggy back/shoulder ride and they move around a lot? Is it easy to walk in a straight line?

Come join me for a 1 hour informal relaxed group session, this will be off the horse using  gym balls. I use these as they provide great feedback to riders to help them identify how they are sitting without the horses movement.

  • Discussion on the most common issues seen in riders positions.

  • The effect these have on the horses way of going.


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