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Introducing the Rider 8 Week Program 

Next Program Starts Feb 2024

You know you want to improve your riding position.

  • Better balance

  • More secure in the saddle

  • Straighter

  • Harmony with your horse

  • Feel more confident and safer

  • Take your riding to the next level

  • Help get the best from your horse

Many of us have a dream and aspire to look elegant, at one with our horses. Often we have ambition or goals to progress and improve but can be frustrated if these don't materialise. We often know that its good to do some exercises to help us ride, but unsure what or how to even start !! 
Do you feel as though your trainer tells you the same things - 

 “shoulders back and heels down” but you feel as though you are!

Your coach uses words like “engage your core” and “deepen your seat” but you have no clue what those mean, or do they explain how it should feel, or how to start using them.
Have you spent ££ $$ on lesson after lesson but not really getting anywhere fast! Investing in YOU is the biggest step forward YOU will take. Realising the horse can only go as well as the riders allows it to. Our horses mimic how well we ride.  Sadly they are limited usually by US, the rider.

Rider Kno.png
Rider Knowledgen..png
Then get REAL progress with
our 8 week Rider Online program.

Let me help you be a symmetrical, balanced, stronger, and elegant looking rider!

Rider Knowledge and Theory Session..png
Untitled design.png

Over 30+ exercises for all levels

25+ different mobility movements 

What you will get with the program:

  • 8 weekly programs of exercises and mobility work emailed to you.
  • 3 x Rider Theory and Knowledge Lessons help you develop your understanding. 
  • Video analysis of your riding week 1 and reviewed at week 8.
  • A range of over 25+ mobility movements to improve your suppleness. 
  • Over 30 exercises specifically to help riders. Designed by riders for you.
  • ​Mounted session theory/lesson with key visuals and prompts.
  • 2 x 10 minutes 'pre-ride' warm up sessions.
  • Full support throughout the program length and beyond!!
  • A FURTHER  20 exercises and mobility movements to help you going forwards, and access to any online classes running for FREE
  • ALSO -  THE 5 KEY RIDER ELEMENTS  comprehensive E-BOOK to provide you the knowledge behind a successful rider.

8 Week Rider Program

The first step to becoming a better rider!

Become a more balanced, strong, symmetrical, & beautiful looking rider!

Improve your health and riding fitness!

Develop an understanding of rider anatomy, position, & movements and how this all influences your horse.

Create more awareness and 'feel' when you ride.

Be the best rider you can be!

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