Riders Core Training 


  • A clear, comprehensive guide on why as a rider we must understand how we influence the horse. 
  • Identify the 5 key components you need as an effective, safer and progressive rider.
  • Avoid the catch 22 situation many riders are in and never improving or get stuck at a level and never progressing however many lessons you have.
  • Identify common rider problems and how they affect the horses way of going.

Packed with details to help coaches, trainers and riders to really understand how we the rider influence our horses way of going.​

Develop your understanding knowledge and 'feel'.

* PLUS over 10 Rider exercises for all levels *

Become a more balanced, strong, symmetrical, & beautiful looking rider!

Develop an understanding of rider anatomy, position, & movements and how this all influences your horse.

Create more awareness and 'feel' when you ride.

Be the best rider you can be!

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