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Improve hip mobility

I always go on about mobility and how important it is for riders. So here is a favourite exercise of mines to help you improve hip mobility and allow for a more open angle of hips thus a deeper secure seat.

🤔 Did you know that limited hip mobility can add to the strain on your lower backs and knees. Improving the mobility in your hips can even help in daily activities such as getting in/out of car, on/off the floor, and even being able to tolerate long drives in their cars.

❗️ If you suffer from tight hips,then they have probably gotten in the way of really sitting DEEP in the saddle. When this happens we tend to be tipped forwards, and more insecure. It limits how well we can feel what is happening with the horses hind legs. If we can feel then its hard to realise what is happening! ❗️

So let me help you out. 😀

Exercise Instruction-

  • Start with seated position.

  • Legs straight out.

  • Back upright.

Correct Execution:-

  • Cross one leg over the opposite thigh.

  • Ensure you stay upright - can use a wall to help.

  • The crossed leg push knee to floor.

  • Feel stretch in that hip.

  • Hold around 20 seconds.

  • Perform each side twice around to start with

Try this every day for a week and see the difference 😀

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