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Riders Core Training 
JUNE BLOCK -  online classes 





Improving yourself out of the saddle is the best way to get the most when your in it. 

By working off the horse on your own core stability, strength and mobility then you are in the best place to allow the horse to move to his best ability.

  • You are purchasing 1 x block  (5 weeks) of online classes for £25

  • The sessions are delivered through a Private Facebook group - you shall be invited via email after signing up.

  • All sessions are available for you to follow when you are free, and as many times as you like (whilst you are a member in the group).

  • Sessions are pre-recorded every Sunday and uploaded into the group - you can then use them during the week at times/place that suits.

Each month you will receive:

  • 3 x sessions per week focusing on mobility, strength are awareness.

  • Sessions last around 20 minutes in length. 

  • 2 x Theoretical topics per month, helping you relate what is happening in the saddle.

  • 2 x gym ball sessions - 20 minutes in length - great way to check in on your feedback and stability using a gym ball.

JUNE Block
(5 weeks 18 sessions) 


3 Months Worth Sessions
(3 months worth classes - expiry end Oct)  

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