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Rider Video Biomechanics Assessments are designed to evaluate you as a rider, identifying areas of tightness, weakness, instability or asymmetry which can be affecting how well you commutate to your horse, and also affecting their ability to move and perform to their best. 

As a strength and condition specialist in Rider Biomechanics I can help you through video submissions identify your riding position posture and areas to improve to help your horses performance.

This offer allows you the Rider to capture video at home, and submit to myself and receive a full PDF assessment back - within 10 working days. 


The PDF is packed with a full in depth detailed report on each gait, both reins and full personalised exercise program for you to then take forwards and work on at at home.

  • Once booked you will receive instruction through email in 48 hours.

  • You can use the booking any time within 1 month ( we know weather can be challenging if riding outside).

  • The instructions guide you on what to wear for your session.

  • How to position your phone camera.

  • What movements to ride for the video.






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