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Turning its all with the Hips!

Working on the turn.

We should aim to initiating the turn from our hips and not from the shoulder.

In the images shown below you can see the impact of the rider tilting the head or leading the turn with the shoulders.

Often the riders outside 'shoulder rounds forwards' this then usually leads to an ineffective outside rein, and in turn the horse will lean on their outside shoulder and fall out thru the turn.

The weight shift in the rider’s pelvis will also exasperate and encourage the horse to drift out even more.

A good way to approach a turn, is through a series into small movements, then turn was fluid, and with a uniform bend.

- equal weight both seat bones - very slightly forward with the inside hip - level knees - heavier outside elbow - slide outside shoulder blade down - turn from below the belly button in a series of small movements (a little like a pepper mill)

This is why its vital to work on an independent seat that is separate to the upper torso.

You need to work on keeping the shoulders still, and working on turning the pelvis first.

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