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Online information and program aimed at helping all levels of horse riders improve. Based in Fife, Scotland I also offer local classes where we work on all areas to develop ourselves to be better riders. 

Core strength, stability, flexibility, balance and mobilisation. 

Now we can bring this to you via a 8 week program designed to fit into a busy life. Simple clear steps to improve your mobility and develop better communication to your horse by improving the riders position.  All performed in the comfort of your home that will help you improve with as little as 3 x 20 minute sessions per week. 

As we offer bespoke solutions we can always add additional classes or one off training camps.

Feel free to contact us at admin@riderscoretraining.com to discuss your requirements.

Learn more about the services:-

  • 8 week online program for the serious equestrian. 

  •  10 Steps To A Better Position EBOOK Comprehensive guide and exercises.


Why RCT?

As a rider we all know it's important to "use our core", however how much time do YOU invest in improving that? Do you understand how to achieve it?

Can you feel when you do engage your core or not?

Does your trainer explain how to? 

We often invest a large amount of money and time into our horses through lessons, physios, tack and the latest equipment etc but very little on self improvement.

Going to commercial gyms is daunting and can be challenging with busy lifestyles. Plus, often many of us don't know what to do once we are there and spend endless time on a cardio based machine (they have there place).


I aim to help riders of all levels and disciplines understand why they need to invest in themselves. Improve their own ability and the direct effect you will see in your horses way of going will rapidly improve.

The members program give you specific exercises for riders, these can be easily done in your own home with very little equipment 

How many of us experience the following and are struggling to improve it.

Or have you plateaued in your training despite many lessons/new trainers etc etc.


  • Do you understand how you are influencing your horse?

  • Do you have a horse that falls on the forehand in downward transitions?

  • Do you have a crooked horse?

  • Issues with correct canter leads?

  • When jumping you struggle to turn after landing?

  • Horse drops back legs over jumps?

  • Does your lower back ache from riding?

  • Do you collapse on one side?

  • Can you sit to the trot without pain or discomfort?

  • The difference training your core can make to your riding is huge.

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Client Testimonials 


Last year I had to retire at fence 3 at Blair workers with so much pain, to then face major back surgery 5 months ago. Now back jumping and all thanks to improving my lower back and core strength with these classes. Hoping to get that clear this year at Blair. My 8 year old daughter now attends with me and having fun in doing so...

— Rachel Handley-Greaves


Local Classes

Every Monday

Longforgan Bowling Club

6:30 and 7:30 pm 

Longforgan, by Dundee

Craigrothie, Fife

Each Thursday


7:00 pm



Kinglassie Fife Scotland KY5 

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