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Rider Biomechanics Program

Helping riders develop a deeper, balanced more secure seat through corrective exercises out the saddle. 
Develop clearer communication with their horses and get better results.
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About Tia  

An overthinking perfectionist with an unhealthy coffee drinking habit (but doesn't  everyone has a vice!) who loves nothing more than my British bulldog Shelby, and my IDx  Cloudy' AKA - "the mammoth."  My passion is always striving to improve the way we perform. (Cloudy - such a dude!) currently is home produced and although now semi retired was working at advance medium at home.

My name is Tia Blowman, a twice national body building champion as well as a strength and condition coach, BHS certified and now a British Dressage  Judge.  I now specialise with equestrians  to delivers riding specific exercise and mobility programs.  These programs are designed to help the riders develop a better seat, one that is deeper and more secure (there is a reason top riders go to the gym and work on themselves).

I have found my ability as a rider has increased dramatically and thus in turn my horse is lighter, softer, more supple, less on the forehand and straighter. 

The reason for this - I work on MYSELF, our horses are limited usually by us, the riders (sorry truth-bomb).

With all this in mind I have created -

Riders Core Training


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